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eras are proud to be sponsoring the Leadership Development category for the Training Journal Awards 2013

Expertise At Work

For more than 30 years, eras has helped clients attract, retain, and develop outstanding talent by delivering high quality leadership development solutions, including accredited programmes (ILM and CMI), executive coaching, Action Learning facilitation and initial diagnostics, for organisations of all sizes from all sectors at local and multi-national locations.

By providing clients with our wide range of consultancy services, development interventions, cutting-edge psychometric tools and associated training, eras has built an extensive client portfolio. We regularly work in partnership with hundreds of clients across the UK and internationally.

We are delighted to be sponsoring the Training Journal Awards 2013 in the Leadership Development category, and would like to offer Training Journal readers the opportunity to complete our cutting-edge personality profiling tool, The Quest Profiler®, absolutely free of charge. At eras, we use a variety of psychometric tools to underpin many of our development programmes, allowing us to really understand delegates' development needs.

Once you have completed The Quest Profiler®, you will be emailed a copy of our premium personality report within 48 hours, and we hope that you will see our passion for the use of psychometrics in assessment and development.

Free Trial:

With the most sophisticated development outputs in the UK, it's not hard to see why over 100,000 people have completed the questionnaire in the last few years alone.

This cutting-edge online personality questionnaire is flexible, relevant and exceptional value for money. It allows you to make more informed selection and development decisions.

The questionnaire measures a number of work-related preferences including:

  • 24 Behavioural Preferences
  • Leadership Styles/Team Styles
  • Culture Match Indicators
  • 20 Competencies
  • Interview Questions and Behavioural Matrix
  • Tailored Development Interventions
  • Sales Report
  • Conflict Styles
  • Jungian Type Profile
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Job Analysis Questionnaire to enable Person/Job matching

If you are a user of psychometric tools, you may be reluctant to change from your existing supplier. However, you may well find our tools more relevant and modern. As an organisation, we are committed to the ongoing evolution of psychometrics in assessment and development and passionate in our commitment to both excellence and affordability. Click here to see options and prices.

To learn more about our development solutions, The Quest Profiler®, or our other products and services then please contact us by email at expertise@eras.co.uk or visit our website by clicking here.